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Beginning your journey to pursue higher education in a foreign country is a big choice, and here at EduXpert, we know how important it is to have the right help. Because foreign education is so complicated, our “Study Abroad” service is aimed to help you find your way.


Personalised Support for Your Goals

Our education consultants are well-versed in academic and career fields and ready to help you. We believe every student has particular ambitions. During consultations, we discuss your goals, academic strengths, and future plans to help you choose the right educational institutions.


Extensive University Network

We are proud of our network, which includes more than 400 universities around the world. With partners in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Finland, Austria, Malta, Denmark, Dubai, India, and a few other countries, we offer high-quality education opportunities to our students. We can give you a lot of choices based on your preferences.


Visa Assistance and Beyond

Visa applications and university admissions are complicated. Our Study Abroad Service goes beyond university enrollment. We assist in visa processing so you can start your university journey without issues.


Support for Setting Down

We have an in-house Immigration Barrister that is why we can help clients who want to settle down after finishing their education, whether they want to do it alone or with their family. As part of our services, we can also help you make a happy life for yourself in the place you choose.


Your Trusted Educational Companion

EduXpert was started in 2018 to help students all over the world reach their academic goals. We have become a reliable place for students to go when they need personalised help. Our skilled staff, led by CEO Shahnawaz Hossain Jay and Managing Director Barrister Hamidul Faysal, works to make sure that your academic journey is successful and enjoyable.


Choosing to study abroad is a life-changing decision, and with EduXpert, you’re not alone. Trust us to be your companion on this exciting educational journey.